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An LOL Magic Show for your next holiday party will help make it a huge success

Finding the right entertainer for fairs, festivals, or any large special event is a bit more challenging than one may think. There truly is no tougher aspect of the magic business. The audiences are bigger, much of the performing takes place outdoors, thus weather is always a factor, and unlike birthday parties, unsupervised children have a larger radius to run free in, making crowd control much more difficult. 


Halloween is a great social event and lots of fun for kids, but with an increase of child predators, bullying by older kids, and the danger of tainted treats, many parents are opting to have parties in their home or a rented hall. Fake body parts, apple bobbing, and party games are great, but kids get bored with that quickly, and bored kids do not make great party guest. Why not book a  Halloween themed magic show? A frightfully funny...and not too scary treat for all ages! 


Whether you're planning a company CHRISTMAS party for your employees and their children, or family and friends are gathering to celebrate HANUKKAH, magic always adds to the festivities. A 60 minute themed magic show will help make your event a huge success!


New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are other great holidays to celebrate...and all perfect occasions for a fun filled magic show. 

Unlike birthday parties, the number of children & adults attending holiday events is generally much larger, and there are usually other things going on, such as Santa visits & Hanukkah traditions, making for a noisy and sometimes hectic setting. As for the performance, a theme to fit the holiday is typically expected; all of this meaning that you need to find an entertainer with plenty of experience.  The good news is, I have over 30 years experience in this area of performing. I've performed at hundreds of holiday parties with 200 plus children in attendance and over 90% of my holiday bookings are repeat clients year after year. 

Here's What I Offer

​Whether your event is large, small, indoors or outdoors, my family friendly comedy magic show will be fun for all ages! It's filled with lots of high energy interaction, hilarious sight gags and FUN surprises! And the audience loves when they help make a LIVE BUNNY magically appear! My standard shows are 45 or 60 minutes, but I can do shorter or longer programs, including multiple shows on the same day.