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See The Faces You Love Light Up With Joy With An LOL Magic Show
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Finding The Right Magic Show Just Got Easier!

Most people will agree that planning a party or event can be stressful...and expensive. Well I'm here to tell you, it doesn't need to be either.​

If you simply want stress free, reasonably priced entertainment, my show is perfect for you. I bring everything I need, require little space, and clean up after myself, leaving you free to host the party or event! ​ 

AND, if you click on this link, The Magic of Entertaining Children, you'll have instant access to my FREE PDF planning guide, filled with tips, game ideas, a party planning checklist and answers to FAQ to help make your party a huge success!

Video, Toddlers & Tweens...OH MY!​​​

I've heard several parents & teachers say that many magicians wouldn't allow them to video the show, or wouldn't perform for kids under 5 and over 9 years old. Really?

Well the good news is, with an LOL magic show, video for personal use is always allowed, and all ages are welcome to watch and join in on the fun, even the adults. If the party is just for pre-school or 'tween' age kids...No Problem, I have special shows for them! Dangerous tricks or adult humor with my LOL magic shows? Fuggedaboutit!