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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France 
Critters of The World
Critters of The World!

The children are seated and a soft background of sounds fill the air.  I take the audience back in time to the beginning of known life on planet Earth. Eyes widen as I talk about insects and reptiles that lived millions of years ago. And then the real fun begins...

One by one I present live critters and talk about their beginnings on the planet and how they evolved through the centuries. The children gather around and pet the friendly domestic critters, and look through safe containers at the ones that cannot be handled. And then, as things wind down, I answer questions about anything the children want to know about the live critters they've just seen. And best of all...they will be talking about their experience long after I'm gone.

I developed this fun and educational program back in 2011 on the East coast and presented it to thousands of children and adults in numerous venues. Because the program is as much fun as it is educational, it's perfect for birthday parties, school holiday or assembly programs, and science or nature campaigns in schools or libraries. This program has also been used at fairs, open house events, and at children’s entertainment venues, helping draw curious crowds of all ages.

The program's messages encourage children to treat all things in nature, and most importantly each other, with respect, and edifies that respect is something you have to give in order to receive. They’ll learn how all living things are important to our environment no matter what they look like, or how dangerous they may be.

With this program, the children will be under control regardless of the size of the group as they eagerly pay attention to the interesting, many times humorous, sometimes ‘gross’ facts about the live specimens I bring. These include arachnids, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. 

Great For All Ages

For maximum effectiveness, and for the safety for the audience and the critters, I’ve developed two versions of this program, one for younger children (preschool and kindergarten) on their comprehension level, which is basically a ‘show and tell’ with very few scientific details and minimal audience interaction with the critters, and one for older grades with more sophisticated information, and more audience interaction. The children really appreciate the difference between the two because the younger ones may not quite get the material intended for the older ones, and the older ones may find the younger material too childish. If time or funding is an issue, one balanced program can be presented to all grades.

In the school environment, it’s my belief that while the program is very valuable, for it to have a maximum effect, it’s good to follow up with classroom discussions and projects. Both can be used to extend the life of the program long after I’m gone, ensuring lasting positive effects.  

Hassle Free

The program, which was developed with your already busy schedules in mind, sets up in about 15 minutes once I have my equipment in the building, meaning minimal disruption of your day and schedule. I provide the tables, props and sound system, and I’m set to go when the children arrive. This means that there’s nothing you need to provide other than a power outlet. I make the program so easy, all you have to do is provide the children, sit back, relax, and take all the credit!
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Disclaimer: The actual critters presented may vary, depending on environment conditions of the event and time of year. The safety of your children and my critters is a priority, and if for any reason there is a safety concern for either, it will not be presented. I take all precautionary measures to keep both safe, thus I ask that there be adult supervision at all times. I reserve the right to determine if the critter is to be handled or not by any member of the audience.
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