Caveat emptor! [Let the buyer beware] 

Did you know that: 

  • Nearly 85% of magicians only perform a show or two a month and many of them have no experience working with children?  
  • Some of them don't even show up, or show up smelling like alcohol?
  • Some think it's cool to use adult humor, pretend to chop off their hands, or create a huge burst of flames in your living room? 

Probably not, because they WON'T tell you that when you call them and they WON'T show up with a "Caveat emptor" sign hanging around their neck, but those are just some of the risk you may be taking by hiring a non-professional magician.

What they WILL DO is lie about their experience, and tell you they're "doing you a favor" when they lower their fees. Truth be told, they keep lowering their fees because clients never hire them back or give them good references. The bottom line should be a fun and safe event for your children, and after all is said and done, it is YOUR choice of whom you hire. At the risk of sounding a bit do get what you pay for. 
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NO dangerous looking tricks, NO Fire, NO adult Jokes...Just squeaky clean fun for all... 

Rest assured that when you hire me to perform at your event, your children's happiness and safety will be my #1 priority. You'll be provided with a professional, safe, and fun magic show that generates amazement and laughter from your children and guest. If my performance does not provide all of don't pay!

- Anthony Marconi





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Anthony Marconi's magic shows  are available for kid's birthday parties, teenage or adult birthday parties, Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations, Halloween parties,  family outings or special events, corporate or company parties, restaurant strolling magic, company outings, fairs & festivals, school events, educational presentations, library events, after school programs, spree days, preschool programs, daycare programs, childcare center programs, early learning center programs,  and more.
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